Mauritius – Beautiful Island

Mauritius is a beautiful Island off the coast of Africa.

Beautiful Island of Mauritius
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Tourist attractions in Mauritius

Discover the best tourist attractions in Mauritius Island

tourist attractions mauritius

Discover Mauritius attractions

Discover Mauritius differently with the best travel attractions that includes the 7 colored earth of Chamarel, Casela Nature and Leisure Park, walking with Lions, swimming with Dolphins, Le Morne Brabant, Deers Island, Black River gorges and more.

Sea attractions

Morne Brabant

Majestic Le Morne Brabant mountain in the southwest of Mauritius, a historic relic of colonial times when slaves called “brown” fugitive slaves fled plantations of sugar to taste a fleeting freedom island, they preferred to suicide by jumping from the top of the mountain instead of returning to work in the fields. The site was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since July 6, 2008.
Le morne mauritius

Swim with Dolphins in Mauritius

swim with dolphins mauritius
Mauritius Island is a place where you will be able to encounter the dolphins in a turquoise sea. Swimming with dolphin is one of the most popular tourist attraction offered on the west coast of Mauritius. Travelers from around the world dived in the indian ocean sea to watch those beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. This attraction is possible because of the supervision of professionals and tour operators. Swimming with the dolphins, is done in the respect of the dolphins environment and the preservation their living habits.


Whales Watching in Mauritius

The whale watching attraction is a unique opportunity to encounter one of the biggest and most amazing animals still alive in the sea realm. Watch this heavy weight creature moving with grace in a turquoise sea. Encountering whales, is an incredible experience. You will be able to see the gigantic whales so majestic and amazing at the same time. No matter how you see and feel this unique experience you will mostly feel humble and amazed by those gorgeous creatures who are a vestige of prehistorique time.
whales in mauritius

Humpback can be observed between July and November and the Sperm Whale can be observed all year round 

Crystal Rock of Mauritius

Off the south west coast of Mauritius, about 200 meters from the shore, sits this rock in the middle of the ocean. The famous Crystal Rock of Mauritius a place where you can dive and rest on this beautiful wonder of nature.
crystal rock mauritius

Ile aux Cerfs Mauritius most popular Islet

Small but beautiful Islet located on the east coast of Mauritius ile aux Cerfs have one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius. If at first the island was a real paradise preserved from tourism development it was later catch up by mass tourism and some infrastructure was incorporate in order to please a luxury customers like a golf course and restaurant. Nevertheless its still one of the best attraction in Mauritius, you can easily access to this gem surrounded by turquoise water by ferry from the coast of Trou d’eau douce, the beaches are crowded and water sports will be offered as soon as your toes will touch the white sands. You can walk freely on the island but some area are restricted, you will have the opportunity to relax on the beaches and enjoy your sunbathing without limits, be ready at noon because the last ferries leave the island at 16.00 pm
ile aux cerfs mauritius

Undersea Walk in Grand Bay

Undersea walk is an excursion appropriate for people of all ages, walking underwater is done from 3 or 4 meters away from the lagoon by group of 16 people but only 8 people can get off the ship at the same time. The combinations of plunged are free and available when needed and diving boots are also provided. The total time of the tour is approximately an hour and a half. A team of five experienced and qualified instructors to help you at any time.
marche sous marine ile maurice

Blue Safari

Blue Safari submarines and sub-scooters trip in the north of Mauritius Grand bay, a unique opportunity to make your dream come true.
blue safari mauritius
blue safari mauritius

Sea kart Mauritius

sea kart mauritius attraction
Discover the beauty of the Mauritius lagoons driving your own speed boat : the SEAKART in the west of Mauritius island

Air Attractions

Skydiving in Mauritius

sky diving mauritius
Experience skydiving in Mauritius Island
A Skydiving experience at 10,000ft skydive in Mauritius a paradise island. Enjoy Mauritius’ most spectacular scenic flight and the most visually awesome Tandem Skydive you can ever imagine.

Island Wings

island wings mauritius
You will be aboard one of the two planes Island Wings Three routes are offered . First, “The Cardinal ” ” Cateau Vert ” and ” Kestrel “.Wings Mauritius Island also provides tailor-made itineraries .

Inland attractions

7 colored earth of Chamarel

Most unusual tourist attraction of the island the seven colored earth located at Chamarel, believed to result from the weathering of volcanic rocks. These undulating and vividly contrasted layers of earth are not far from the beautiful Chamarel waterfalls and Lakaze chamarel a gorgeous place to stay in Mauritius.
7 colored earth chamarel mauritius
7 Colored Earth Chamarel

Chamarel Waterfall

Black River Gorges National Park

black river national park mauritius
Black River Gorges National Park is located on the west of Mauritius. It covers an area of 67.54 km²
mauritius bird
Mauritius kestrel

Casela Nature & Leisure Park Mauritius

casela nature park mauritius
Discover a park of 14 hectares which opened its doors in 1979 and today offers a home to 1,500 birds, lions, zebras, giant tortoises, monkeys, girafes, a tiger, and many other animals.
casela park mauritius

Vanilla Crocodile and tortoise Park

Enter the glittering forest and discover a lush tropical haven: find a variety of native and exotic plants. In this green where banana and palm trees and giant bamboos grow, more than a thousand Nile crocodiles are bred. During a guided tour, you will meet these animals in their breeding ponds, in perfect safety.
crocodile park mauritius
mauritius tortoise

Field of the hunter (Anse Jonchee, Vieux Grand Port)

Situated in the south-east of the island, near Mahebourg, in the heart of abundant greenery, Le Domaine du Chasseur covers about 1,950 acres.
domaine du chasseur mauritius

Domaine de l’Etoile

Domaine de l‘Etoile a unique and natural land which submerges you at the core of a green, authentic and captivating Mauritius. Some excursions on foot by horse riding or Quad bikes are offered to visitors.
domaine de letoile

Le val nature park

2,800 hectares of preserve lands the Nature Park derives its name from the luxurious valley, at Cluny south east of the island in the Grand Port district. Isolated chimneys on the property are reminders of early sugar factories. 
le val nature park mauritius

Mauritius Pamplemousses Botanical garden

The beautiful botanical garden near Port-Louis, is the botanical paradise of Mauritius. Its 25 acres contain botanical treasures priceless spice tree, ebony, teak, mahogany, balsa, sugarcane, mango, mangosteen, date palm, nutmeg …. Here the flat memory of Bougainville, Commerson’s, and more of the aptly named French botanist Pierre Poivre, a former seminarian named steward of the island of France by Louis XV in 1767.
pamplemousses garden mauritius
pamplemousses garden mauritius

Bois Cheri tea factory in Mauritius

The area of ​​Bois Chéri: a must-see on the tea route. His factory produces more than half of Mauritian tea.
bois cheri mauritius
bois cheri mauritius

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